Tuesday, August 25, 2015


To be honest..today I felt like I'm gonna eat everything and everyone in front me. I dunno how to explain how hurt my feeling. People may saw me happy, laughing and smiling a lot but deep down on my heart..there is huge hurt feeling.
Call me childish or immature or anything u like but I still feel like they treat me unfair.

Last week my boss ask us to fill in the appraisal form. Okay..as usual I will fill in the form..but this time I have a strong feeling that I need to be promoted due to I'm already work here 2 year plus. I really put my hope on high. One of my colleague was promoted last appraisal and she also work here around 2 year plus. I thought they will promoted me as well this time but no. Not at all. They promoted others colleague and damn they not even reach 2 year working here. Totally upset and I can feel my heart beating so fast.

The reason why they promoted the others and not me is their work is so tidy and they independent on their task. So how bout me? My work is not tidy? I can't deliver my task on time? I need to kacau others to make sure my task done? Come on!!! Some work I do by myself and u even dunno how to do it and I not qualified for getting promoted??. Some other thing is they said they will fight for one of my colleague whose working longer than me.

Seriously?? I end up keep questioning myself..did I perform well here? Do I achieve their target? Which area that I need to improve? To be honest...I totally lost my confidence over my work and myself. They should promote me okay! I think I qualified to get promoted!!!!

Should I start to search other better opportunity now??

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